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Rock mega lashes and minimize cheek touch in Polarized MEGUMI•O

Posted on May 15 2012

Have you ever had a problem that needed to be solved? Enter Megumi, the creator and designer of MEGUMI.O. She is an accessory designer who has come to the rescue of many women looking to wear their favorite style glasses, without lashes bumping lenses and cheeks getting in the way of large rims. I recently saw an article about her in Colorado's very own Asian Avenue, I had to reach out to her and learn more. I was hooked on MEGUMI.O instantly, everything from the style to the great branding (the cutest logo ever). Without further ado here is my interview with Megumi.

Tell us a little bit about you?

I was born in Japan and I grew up in Hawaii. I wore prescription glasses since I was in third grade. I was always fascinated by glasses and fashion, and so disturbed that there were no cool plastic frames for Asian people. I had to get these hideous extensions called “Nose Pads” attached to my plastic glasses, I latter got Lasik. Since my vision is still not 20/20, I wanted fashionable polarized glasses to sharpen my vision without becoming dependent on prescription glasses.

What’s your business?

I sell Polarized Jackie O sunglasses and my logo items on my Zazzle Store

How did you get the idea to create MEGUMI.O?

My whole life I wanted Polarized Jackie O glasses that didn’t touch my cheeks. I would have paid $500 for them if they existed, but they didn’t, so I came up with my own brand. Whenever I go to Japan, I’m prepared to blow a grand or two on hot glasses. I can tell you this is the first pair of Polarized Jackie O glasses that are ideal for the Asian bridge. MEGUMI-O are also fantastic for non-Asians with mega lashes. It’s also great after plastic surgery or fillers when you’re all banged up. The polarized lens enables you to see perfectly clear in super dark lenses.

What are some of your favorite trends in eyewear?

There is nothing better than Jackie O glasses in my eyes, but I do admire Kazuo Kawasaki’s concept. After my first Lasik surgery (before touch up surgery) I was sad about having to wear glasses so I created custom made, light pink heart shaped lenses to go with Kawasaki frames.

For inspiring designers what tips do you want to share?

Design something you’re prepared to wear every day since you’ll be the biggest promoter of your brand until you’ve made it.

How can readers support your business or buy your product?

Buy my glasses at and logo items on In Los Angeles, my glasses are currently sold at Live! on Sunset. Dan Deutsch Optical Outlook will soon be carrying my glasses.

There you have it, another great interview with an up and coming accessory designer to take note of. I know I hate it when my lashes touch my glasses and get them all smudgy by the end of the day. I know I’m not the only one, plus certain face shapes can now rock the Jackie O look without having to worry about their cheeks touching their glasses. Megumi has something special and I am a big fan, so are a few stars; Mob Wives’ Renee Graziano and actress Nancy J. Lee. Make sure to grab a pair, better yet ask the optical store near you to carry the brand or your favorite boutique.

Source: Crystal Gardner - Denver Personal Style Examiner

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