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"I love Megumi-O glasses! Until I tried these on, I had yet to find a pair of glasses that didn't look too goofy. Megumi-Os don't rest on my cheeks so they don't drag my cheeks down causing unnecessary wrinkles. They also make my Korean "moon" face look much smaller! They're also polarized so they really protect my eyes from the harsh sun and they make everything I look at so clear. They're well worth the investment. Finally! I found glasses that I can wear proudly and with style." -- Nancy J. Lee, Actress

"Check out my girl's new line of super chic shades! I'm so excited because they are so beauty conscious! They are intentionally designed so that they don't touch your false lashes (which if you know me, you know I have a severe false eyelash addiction), or your cheeks! Amen for sisters with high cheek bones who don't want sunglass lines messin up their face makeup! Love ♥" -- Tany Earl, Sunset Boudoir

"I recommend to all my patients particularly after LASIK or Cataract surgery to protect their investment with Polarized UV400 lenses. My female patients weren't pleased with the selection of Polarized glasses out there, but I can now recommend MEGUMI•O as a fashionable option for them. Many women strain their eyes trying to see out of dark tinted lenses that comprise their vision, but MEGUMI•O lenses actually sharpens your vision. The Polarized lenses also protect the sensitive skin around the eyes from sun damage." -- Dr. Michael Gadsby, Ophthalmologist, Los Angeles

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